Vedic Astrology


“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”




ज्योतिष विद्या

 Vedic Astrology or jyotish is “the Knowledge of Light," and is a living science. A blueprint or snapshot of the stars at your time of birth that can act as a treasure map, ultimately guiding you back to the Self.  It has been used for centuries as a Vedic science that not only reveals one’s true nature and tendencies, but can act as a tool to help navigate with and around our karma (action) and at the most ideal time: either in adverting the danger that has yet to come or in making hay while the sun shines. Jyotish can be viewed as language and the astrologer, a translator, who glimpses into the sacred code and pulse of your chart.


After a lifetime of being immersed in Vedic Astrology, Tulsi's great passion and curiosity for this sacred science has led her to dive deeper with the guidance of world renown mentors and teachers, including study with her Father, who has been an international Jyotishi for the past 33 years.  

Tulsi is grateful to have been blessed to study and sit with the many gifted teachers who have paved the way for her. It is through grace and their guidance that she is able to share her experience and offer the deepest of gifts in service. Full Bio HERE | HARI AUM

Tulsi seemed to intuitively know what subtle points were most important in my chart. She gave me several great insights that no one had previously mentioned to me. She also gave very deep and practical advice on decision making and going about daily life. I recommend Tulsi for an insightful jyotish reading.
— M.R. USA