“Tulsi is an extraordinary Vedic astrologer and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She helped me tremendously with her insight at a time when direction was required in both my private and professional lives. It is highly beneficial to have an astrologer who is attuned to the demands of our western lifestyle with Vedic astrology being so specific to the eastern world. I had readings with Indian astrologers in Mumbai, with such experts In the US like Chakrapani and Dr. Svoboda, but it is my reading with Tulsi that was the most potent and helpful. She has exceptional knowledge of the craft and combined with her wisdom and intuition the reading was precise and powerful. She translated the planetary influences that were present in the moment into the strengths that I can use in going forward in my relationship at the time and helped me see clearly my own best way of addressing what was at hand. She was able to pinpoint the most desirable direction of the next few years that was completely in tune with what I was imagining for myself, before I even shared it with her. She was spot on! She is truly a gifted, intuitive healer and if you are finding yourself on a crossroads - book a session with her. You will appreciate the insight and the clarity it will give you. I did and I am happy we had that session as I am enjoying to the fullest the next chapter of my life. ”

— Irina Farber, Estonia

“Tulsi seemed to intuitively know what subtle points were most important in my chart. She gave me several great insights that no one had previously mentioned to me. She also gave very deep and practical advice on decision making and going about daily life. I recommend Tulsi for an insightful jyotish reading.”

— M.R. USA

“In 25 years of practicing yoga I have had many yoga teachers. Tulsi Bagnoli is the most gifted teacher I have known, a veritable yoga guru. Her clear and warm instruction coordinates creative poses with yogic breathing which physically and spiritually challenge students. I appreciate her wonderful speaking voice, beautiful imagery, and words of wisdom. What I love the most is Tulsi’s faith in students’ individual capacity to learn and grow, and her encouragement of students to stay true to their own experience. Her singing is natural, unaffected, and inspiring. I have enjoyed many peak moments in Tulsi’s classes; not only did my body get a phenomenal workout, but I also experienced moments of bliss, peace, and transcendence. ”

— Susan BaileyKadin, San Luis Obispo, CA

“I have been practicing yoga on and off for almost 15 years. Life happens and I found other ways to exercise, stretch, strengthen, & meditate. When it came to planning one of the most important days of my life, I knew there was only one way to truly be centered for the day, and that was getting back to my yoga practice.

It is no surprise that I found Tulsi through the yoga community in SLO. A mutual friend had taken classes with Tulsi & got us connected. Upon our first phone call discussing details of what I was looking for the morning of my wedding I was put at ease. We later met on one of my visits to SLO and felt as if I had known her for years. She provided a framework of what she could do & how to personalize it specifically to me. 

Fast forward to the morning of June 10th, 2017 after a sleepless night...I walked to a quiet spot of Meadow Park surrounded by trees, and 25 family & friends. We shared a beautiful practice that truly set my mind & heart at peace. Tulsi perfectly designed the flow for all levels along with incorporating her personal touches. 

After we completed Shavasana, I was so overwhelmed with the energy & love surrounding me that I broke down. Literally tears of joy streaming down my face! That feeling resonated throughout the rest of the day.

I hope my experience speaks to you enough to invite Tulsi into your Bridal Yoga! I am forever thankful for her!”

— Kaitlyn Williams, Napa, CA

“I came to Tulsi’s class at a time when I was struggling personally and professionally and her class brought me a level of peace that I had not experienced before. I have enjoyed it and have the extra benefit of being more flexible! I will really miss her classes.”

— Dr. Keith Humphrey, Vice President of Student Affairs at Cal Poly

“Tulsi peacefully & playfully transports you through your yoga & meditation practice. She somehow surreptitiously rejuvenates your spirit, with soulful chanting & conscious alignment. She exemplifies the heart & soul of yoga & mediation. I look forward to following Tulsi’s magic on my spiritual path.”

— Susan Beare, San Luis Obispo, CA

“I have only been doing yoga with any ongoing regularity for about two years. Smiling Dog Yoga is a wonderful studio with many outstanding teachers. For me, Tulsi is the very best of these teachers. She has an amazing demeanor and has so much experience for someone so young. Her classes have the most genuine natural flow. She is very gentle, very present and very graceful. Her beautiful singing is a wonderful way to begin and end classes. She has a very loyal core of students and her class is almost always full. I will miss her very much, but I realize our loss will be others gain. ”

— Dave Slade, San Luis Obispo, CA