Holistic Wellness Consulting

What would your life look like if you had the energy of the sun? The radiance of the stars? Love as infinite as the oceans? What if you had perfect health? Radiant Beauty? Strength in body and a mind of brilliance that always served you, and never erred? This is the promise of the Vedas: A wellness that draws out “the splendor of the personality that expresses itself in love, courage, creativity, and a melting tenderness that draws all hearts.” ~Eknath Eswaran


Awakening Radiance

Through my personalized Holistic Wellness Programs you will learn to tap into the magic of the Universe, discover your deepest genuine Self and align with your highest power.

Are you ready to transform your life and awaken radiance into every cell of your body? What would it take for you to invite and weave your deepest dreams and visions into the fabric of your being?


Personalized six week & three month Sessions

  • In Person (Los Angeles)  or over Skype

Holistic Wellness Programs include:

  • Yoga (Hatha Yin Vinyasa)
  • Meditation
  • Ayurveda
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Sanskrit Chanting
  • Breathwork
  • Yoga Nidra

These sessions can assist with:

  • Self Discovery
  • Healing
  • Personal Growth
  • Embody your Highest Potential
  • Develop and Offer your Deepest Gifts (Dharma)


True Nature

If diving into your power speaks to your heart and resonates with your Spirit,  Contact me today to set up your free 30 min “discovery call,” where we will decide if we would make a good team for manifesting the full potential of your visions.                                                                                                           
I have a limited number of 30 min-FREE discovery calls to see if we are a match for working together. (I’m available by Skype and in person)