Moon Pulse


Artwork by Lily Moses

Artwork by Lily Moses

There was a Full Moon Tuesday morning, June 17th (1:31am pst) in Mula nakshatra, the first asterism of Sagittarius. Mula’s shakti is the power to ruin, destroy and to break things apart, so this is a very transformational nakshatra. It is a nakshatra that is about digging deeper, investigating into the Unknown and getting to the root of things, especially the innermost core of your being. It is ruled by Niritti, an ancient form of the dark goddess Kali, who removes suffering by destroying our attachments.

The astrological weather has been rocky, to say the least and this practice helps us to navigate and align with those changing rhythms. The next two weeks are ripe for immense growth and transformation. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. As we look into the process of transformation found in nature, for instance, the phase when the butterfly breaks free from the cocoon. We find that one form, one stage of existence must be completely destroyed before new birth can take place. Take advantage of this fertile time.

Allow the intensity to work on you, to forge you into who you are willing to become. Surrender and give yourself permission to be surprised. Try something new, instead of trying to hold things together, see what it would feel like to allow things fall apart for a change. Dig deeper, go beneath the surface of things, ground down, and find that state of inner peace and contentment within the chaos, just to rise anew again. Do the inner work, stay rested and on a supportive routine, keep hydrated, spend time in nature and continue to be patient with all experiences, including yourself.

Ground yourself, strip yourself down,

To blind loving silence.

Stay there, until you see

You are gazing at the Light

With its own ageless eyes



Artwork by

Artwork by

With the new moon early this morning (June 3rd), in the sign of Taurus (Rohini Nakshatra), we dropped into a cycle that represents creativity, abundance and productivity. Rohini’s shakti is to make things grow and thus awakens the power to harness ones creativity and ability to bring expression to thoughts and feelings in an artistic way. This will be a ripe and fertile month for growth, self development, and to bring our thoughts and desires into fruition. Having reverence towards the earth and nature in all it’s various forms will help to keep this energy balanced. Be patient and productive, tend to your spiritual practice, create, dance, play and open your heart towards growing love and joy.

'The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.' ~RUMI

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